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Yes We Can

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

What does this mean to you?

YES affirms our shared hope and commitment to move forward, moving us out of the despair of “no” and through the immobility of indecision.

WE delight in ourselves here, decisively shifting away from the self-absorbed “I”, the disconnected “you,” and the divisive “them.” The affirmation of our oneness is embedded in that simple pronoun. WE calls us into that space of togetherness, where co-creation loves to come and play. It honors the dignity and giftedness of every individual as absolute ground for the collective “us” in any community. The collaboration ahead is about how we will do this with one another, and not just to or for the other. Yes we can!

These words, spoken in one voice, co-create the abundant field where our being dances our creativity into a new emergence: doing with each other. We are inspired to bring the best of ourselves to this collective endeavor, affirming the network of interrelatedness that is both our quantum and fundamental truth. When we harness this collective energy, we are truly powerful beyond measure. We share a dream that must be lived: YES…WE…CAN!

This time of year, as we plan to celebrate the Holiday’s, for many it is often a time of coming together with those we love and reflecting on the year coming to a close. Often we experience anticipation of the changes and new opportunities the new year will bring or, perhaps looking for more interrelatedness in our relationships.

Everyone at Emergent Success wishes you and yours a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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