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Saying You Want an Evolution…

I recently heard a speaker say that when they want to talk about individual and/or organizational change, they have switched their vocabulary to evolution. The word evolution holds the space of respecting individual and organizational history and moves us to the future. For many decades I have considered myself as someone who facilitated change for individuals and organizations. Time to think of this as evolution instead!

In an era of greater transparency and authenticity, it makes sense to respect your history. It is part of your story. And as you reflect on your history, what have you learned along the way? A fundamental lesson for me has been to learn how to respond, instead of reacting. I saw mostly reacting in my childhood and thought there must be a better way. Exposure to self-hypnosis and biofeedback in high school set me on a path of learning to calm myself and begin to create the space for responding instead of reacting. It was certainly the beginning of a personal evolution.

Regarding evolution moving us towards the future, it does hold the space for any of us doing things differently going forward. We honor and are not bound by our past. If you were to respect your history, how could evolution move you towards a better future? What would you start, stop, or continue to do that would assist you in doing so? Who might you ask to assist you in your evolution? You do not have to evolve on your own.

My deepest gratitude is for the folks who have reached out to me personally and professionally to be a part of their evolution. It is sacred to co-create with others. They may have been the ones requesting the opportunity to evolve, and in the process we both have. Thank you!

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