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Our Methodology

Our foundational Reflective. Collaborative. Transformative. ® System is integrated into
all our services.

Even though our methodology is an integration of over thirty years of experience and learning, inclusive of the latest theories from a multitude of relevant disciplines, we believe that this MetaWisdom can be contained within our Reflective. Collaborative. Transformative. ® System.

Reflective – Foundational to moving from unconscious thoughts and behaviors to
transformational leadership is some form of conscious reflective practice. When utilizing
reflective practices such as: Meditation, Contemplation, Mindfulness, and Centering
Prayer, clients are better able to: integrate learning, tap the power of their intuition, and
experience gratitude for themselves and others. The reflective pause is the necessary
first step from our current way of being to a desired transformational leadership.

Collaborative – When we acknowledge the innate oneness and unity of everything, it
only makes sense to tap this integral view through collaborative practices that unleash
this in ourselves, others, and our organizations. Everything is in relationship, and though
seen as distinct one from another, always unified in relationship. We encourage
collaborative practices such as: Liberating structures ( ,
team coaching, co-creating learning communities, and ongoing ways to dialogue both
within an organization and outside with all participants.

Transformative – We may desire to transform our organizations, and that will only
transpire if we make the choice to be vulnerable. Transformational leadership requires a
practice of vulnerability, a willingness to both give and receive, that continues to inspire
ourselves and others to co-create relationships for our mutual growth and success.
These three essential elements of our Reflective. Collaborative. Transformative. ®
System are themselves distinct and always in relationship with one another. We invite
leaders to start and/or continue their integrative journey of learning and success through
the services we offer.

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