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Transformational Leadership Coaching

Leadership has traditionally been seen as a competency and/or set of behaviors contained within a given individual. This is a distinct and separate view of leadership. Within the context of complexity science, a more integrated and collective view is to see leadership as an emergent property of collaborative behaviors between people who co-create the optimal conditions for their success to emerge. Transformational Leadership Coaching embraces this emergent quality of leadership through the three essential elements of our Reflective. Collaborative. Transformative. ® System, which are themselves distinct and always in relationship with one another.  How this looks in Transformational Leadership Coaching:

Reflective - Individuals and/or team is asked to identify their desired outcomes and/or goals for working together with a coach.

Collaborative – Identifying the best collaborative processes to co-create optimal conditions for the stated desired outcomes.


Transformative – Transformational leadership requires a practice of vulnerability, a willingness to both give and receive, that continues to inspire ourselves and others to co-create relationships for our mutual growth and success.

If you are interested in working together, please contact Kevin.

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