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Upon reflection, gratitude is possible

When we stop and pause, amidst the push and shove of everyday living (even during a pandemic), we create the space for reflection. It is in this self-created luxury of time, free from our incessant reactions to the present and worries about the future, that we find the delightful opportunity to make the choice to be grateful.

I believe that gratitude is seen as the highest form of prayer, in most spiritual traditions, because it is built upon the rigor of reflection and the foundational idea that all life is a gift. And foundational to our human existence is the gift of breath itself. When we indulge in noticing our inhalation and exhalation, we slow our bodies down and invite our minds to follow. It is in this opening of space that we can see ourselves and others, more clearly. And it is in this clearing, we can notice the love that binds us together and sustains us all, is a gift.

We are a relational bunch, us humans. Together is how we celebrate best! Together is how we give the gift of life and receive it from one another. Our giving and receiving with one another is just the way we inhale and exhale the gift of life with each other. In some ways, we may have taken it for granted a bit. And the absence, highlights its foundational nature. We miss being with one another. I know that I do!

I invite you to take a moment and reflect upon the gift of life and how it allows us to enjoy both the giving and receiving of love from one another. You are a gift. Our relationships are a gift. Amidst the push and shove of a most extraordinary year, I am deeply grateful for you. Upon reflection – thank you for you.


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