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Peace on Earth, and Good Will to All!

Peace on earth, is very welcome these days. How to do our part? Let’s take a moment and explore a few possibilities from the outside and the inside.

As I was out on a ride yesterday, I was reflecting on how being outside can be so wonderful. If you want to create peace on earth, and you are having a difficult time imagining what that might feel like, find some time to be out in nature. “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” is a John Muir quote that particularly speaks to me. While out on a hike recently in the Sierras, I answered the call and found myself enveloped in the beauty and awe that nature provides anytime we are willing to wander into the beauty of creation. Go and be in nature to breathe in what peace on earth feels like – as often as possible.

When it comes to finding peace on earth from the inside, this can be more arduous than answering the call of the mountains. None of us grow up without being a bit bruised along the way – some more than others. And there is a way to find peace on earth here also. The author Richard Rohr says that if you don’t transform your pain (and bruises) then you will transmit it (them) to others. Myself, I came from a highly dysfunctional and abusive family and received my share of bruises along the way. And I have had the opportunity to tap into the abundance of resources available to transform the pain and minimize any further transmission. It has been a long and challenging journey to do so, and I am so deeply grateful to have broken the cycle of abuse. Thank God! Keep doing the work from the inside out.

Inhale peace on earth from the outside from nature and/or from the inside as you transform your bruises. Either way allows us to truly begin to exhale good will to all because we have nurtured it within ourselves first. Peace on Earth, and Good Will to All! Peace on Earth, and Good Will to All!

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