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Growing Your Garden

Beauty is the fullness of creation at its very best. When we choose to pay attention to the garden of our lives, then we are ready to embrace the beauty that has been waiting to emerge. Growing your garden is first about preparing the soil. It is about creating space for your beauty to emerge. It is time.

With gardening, and in life, we must first make the space for something beautiful to emerge. We must choose to clear out that which will detract from, or inhibit our garden from growing what we truly desire.

What usually detracts from our garden growing is the old clutter. When there is clutter, there is no room for newness to spring forth. We may desire beauty, and certainly beauty desires us. However, we must do the work to clear the space. What is cluttering your garden? What old stuff or junk is still lying around and not making it possible for you to allow your beauty to emerge? What is the first step for you in clearing your space?

Sometimes it is the old stuff just lying around that gets in the way. Other times, we have to admit that we have spent energy on growing other things that inhibit the true beauty of our garden. If you are willing to be reflective, you can see that your energy is given to other things that do not focus you on your beauty. These are the distractions. (Read more)…

We live in a world chock full of distractions. It would be distracting to count how many times I have been distracted in just writing this piece. An old spiritual director once told me that distractions will always be present. They cannot be eliminated. However, we do have the power to decide whether or not we will give any distraction our precious energy. You are the steward of your energy.

Look around the life that you have co-created. Are there any distractions that you have chosen to give your energy to that inhibits your beauty? It is always helpful to acknowledge the distractions, so that you can be conscious of them. Now just because you say “Hi” to them, doesn’t mean that you have to allow them to move into your sacred space and take root. It may be time to get down in the dirt and pull a few weeds. Keeping your garden free of weeds is part of the constant conscious tending to your sacred space.

You are a creation of exquisite beauty. Tending to the clearing of space for your beauty to manifest itself is a choice that only you can make. You are the guardian of your garden. Make the conscious choice to clear it and safeguard it. There is no one else for the job, besides you. Once you have cleared the space of what it is that you don’t want, you can choose what you really do want.

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