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Exploring the Intentionality of How

The gift of disruption is that it kicks us out of unconscious/automatic mode – whether we like it or not! During this global pause, we can rally against the uncontrollable disruption, or choose to see how it might be giving us the opportunity to assess how we want to be and do things differently. I am choosing the later.

For instance, how we do relationships, in all areas of our life, has been impacted. I recently read a statistic that Zoom daily users have increased thirty – fold since December of last year to April of this year – from 10 million to 300 million. Whether I like it or not, I feel as if I am pulling my fair share of this increase. However, my oldest daughter Sarah, who lives in Nixa, Missouri initiated a weekly family call with my other daughter Megan, who lives in Seattle, Washington. This has been great! Not sure if we would have ever thought to do this before, even though the technology was always there. And I am certainly glad that we did. I have every intention of keeping this kind of connection going forward. (For Sarah – yes, this newsletter is about how much I love my daughters!)

So, as you find yourself in this great pause, how do you want to be and do relationships differently? What are those habits/practices that are worth keeping and which are worth letting go of to make room for re-imagining the new? Seize the opportunity to be reflective and intentional about your “how” going forward. If not now, when?

“The lense of perception determines where we are satisfied or disappointed.”

~ Kevin Buck

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