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Change Engagement – Integrating Change Management and Executive Coaching

I believe that my professional background as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) convinced me that engagement was an essential ingredient to co-creating change with individuals and groups. I break it down rather simply – the client needs to have the desire to change, and I need to have the ability to facilitate the desired change. If there is no desire/engagement around change, my ability is irrelevant.

I was recently listening to a webinar from the Institute of Coaching, where Maria Darby and Jan Rybeck introduced me to the new language of Change Engagement. It is the integration of organizational change management, a macro process, with Executive Coaching, a micro process. Sometimes you get exposed to a new terminology that describes what you are already doing. This is one of those times!

For the last several years, I have been involved with a strategic planning and change effort with a local organization. In the process of negotiating the original agreement, I decided to take a professional stand. I have had the experience of doing executive coaching without the overall change management or the change management without the executive coaching. Both approaches came with limited results. I knew that the only way this engagement would be most successful was if I integrated both. This organization did not have an organizational history of doing either, so I was not sure if they would agree. They did! I applaud their ongoing courage to do so.

What a difference this has made in the collaboration! Not only has there been an extensive collaboration with hundreds of stakeholders to co-create a living strategic plan, there is also leadership alignment around the strategic priorities and implementation. Engagement on all levels has made a distinct difference in the success this organization has co-created along the way. And on a personal note, it has been very satisfying to have taken a professional stand and then see the fruits of that decision.

If you and your organization are interested in maximizing you change efforts, I would encourage you to explore the practice of Change Engagement. Reach out through my email – or visit our website.

To listen to the latest interview with Kevin by Doug Fine, visit our website ( under the Wisdom Made Simple Page – Videos!

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