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Blessed with a Loving Heart

If you are a frequent reader of my monthly newsletter, you will remember that I mentioned Sr. Kathleen Marie Pughe in my February newsletter. This last week, I attended her retirement celebration which marked her 70th anniversary as a professed sister and 50 plus years as a principal and teacher. Since she was my first- grade teacher and principal 55 years ago, it is easy math to get to the 50 plus years!

During her reception she spoke about her background of being the oldest of 13 children and how that prepared her to take on the role of being a principal. What really struck me was when she mentioned that one of the greatest blessings of her life was having such a loving heart. I had never heard anyone say that before.

I kept reflecting on the public acknowledgement of being blessed with a loving heart and the courage and honesty of that statement. For her, it is what made her life and work such a joy. And at the same time, it was not boastful in the least. It certainly resonated with me and all who were present. I would imagine that it is why she has been in service to others so vibrantly over so many years. Her blessing of having such a loving heart thrived within her calling as; a religious sister, a teacher, a principal, a sister and aunt, and many other roles, and for me – as close as I come to a life-long friend.

So, it has me curious about what I would say was the one blessing/gift that has given me similar joy. I am going to take some time with the pondering. I invite you to do the same. What is that one blessing/gift that has given you the joy of being you? And Sr. Kathleen Marie, thanks for still teaching me with your loving heart.

“ Falling in love is where we become powerful.” ~ Kevin Buck

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