On behalf of the Inside Edge and its board members, I wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for your wonderful presentation on July 25, 2018.  We appreciate your insight on how we are all “mysteries” and unique individuals.
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to visit the Inside Edge.
We remain a long standing, and dedicated organization to support people in all walks of life in actualizing their highest potential.

Kay Burnham
Program Committee
The Inside Edge Foundation for Education

I am a dreamer by nature but also one who can easily get mired in the little details.  People often say, “The sky is the limit, if you set your mind to things”, that is true if you have someone keeping you on task and accountable to the bigger picture.  When I began executive coaching my goals were lofty, attainable, but lofty.  They were also necessary for me and the organization and I recognized that I needed support to stay on track and make them happen because all too often the little details get in the way.  Working with Shawn Wehan of Emergent Success was an enriching and personally challenging experience in that he kept me focused on these lofty goals, even when situations at work became distracting and the little details caused challenge.  Shawn’s suggestions became the voice of reason inside my head that caused me to rise above the distractions and manage the trajectory. The “homework” assignments that I completed for each meeting, were the same things that I might have formerly cut, paste, and moved over on my calendar, but our meetings caused them to be accomplished by the “due date”.

Always Learning,

Catherine C. Muzzy, Ed.D.
St. Edward the Confessor Parish School

I have been working with Emergent Success for over a year now, and specifically with Shawn Wehan, my Executive Coach.  The experience to date has been exceptional with the level of coaching and the results exceeding my expectations.  Importantly, the results have exceeded by bosses expectations as well, and was one of the reasons for my receiving a promotion in 2018.   My CEO said she is impressed with the results and notices improvement in my executive presence, confidence, steady decision making and overall professional demeanor.  I directly attribute those results to the executive coaching and guidance I’ve received from Shawn.  Starting with Emotional Intelligence sessions, we’ve worked on areas that were gaps in my professional development and were holding me back from being the executive I knew I could be. The results speak for themselves, and I give that credit to Shawn and Emergent Success.

One side note that is unrelated directly to the coaching but speaks, I think, to the quality of Emergent Success and Kevin Buck.  My initial outreach was a cold call of sorts, through LinkedIn, directly to Kevin, the CEO of Emergent Success.  I knew I was taking a flyer, but I did it anyway.  Kevin responded personally and went out of his way to set up a coaching plan that fit my personal budget as my company wasn’t yet paying for the sessions.  I was really impressed and am forever grateful for that.   

Matthew Gaspari
Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Tucson Federal Credit Union

“Kevin has been a tremendous support for me as I step into my new position as President.  His coaching has been instrumental in getting me through the challenges and opportunities, teaching me effective people skills and keeping my focus on Executive Presence and Leadership.   With his inspiration and coaching, I believe I am on my way to becoming an effective leader in our market and in our company.”

Steve Yurosek
Sukut Construction Inc.”

"I chose Kevin Buck as the Executive Coach for myself as a CEO and for my executive team based on his philosophical approach to coaching. Kevin believes in 'co-creating' successful behaviors and executive practices to drive both accountability and success. It is without hesitation that I recommend Emergent Success and Kevin Buck for their skills in Executive Coaching and executive team development."

Michael Hunn
HUNN GROUP LLC - Healthcare Advisors
Former CEO/SVP Providence Health System - Southern California

"As a speaker, Kevin Buck has the uncanny ability to take complex ideas and thoughts and make them very practical and immediately applicable. Through powerful content, stories and real-world examples, Kevin inspires audiences to go back to their workplace and work better together.”

Patrick Donadio, MBA
Certified Speaking Professional and
Executive Communication Coach

“Kevin is adept at helping people think through the answers for themselves. Kevin’s informal manner is disarming, but he can handle even the most difficult, potentially disruptive individuals in any group. He brings out the best in the people he works with to deliver concrete, measurable, and positive results in any organization.”

Linnea McCord
Associate Professor at Graziadio School of Business and Management
Pepperdine University