“Kevin Buck and Emergent Success has been a very valuable asset for Sukut Construction for the past several years.  From facilitating offsite strategic planning sessions to acting as the Executive Coach for Sukut’s executive management team, Kevin has been an important part of the growth of our company. “

Michael Crawford, CEO and President
Sukut Construction

“It’s rare to find an advisor who can combine thoughtfulness and practicality when working with executives; Kevin is that advisor.  I had the pleasure of engaging Kevin as an executive coach and executive team advisor for one of my large healthcare clients.  I was deeply impressed by his ability to coach the whole person while keeping the focus on business results and organizational issues.  Kevin is a truly gifted executive coach who brings his in-depth knowledge of people and organizations to every engagement. Any senior executive could count on him for insightful coaching and wise counsel.”

Rich Doherty
Former VP, Client Services
Right Management

"Executive coaching is not about fixing people, rather it's about creating success by having every executive, team member and individual working together, at their best, in accountability, execution and shared/aligned goals. Kevin Buck excels in Executive Coaching and creates a lasting return on investment."

Michael Hunn
Former SVP/Regional Chief Executive
Providence Health System - Southern California

“Kevin has a great mind. He's open, thoughtful and strategic. He helped shaped our ideas into actionable strategies.”

Greg Tsutaoka
Founder of ipvive, inc.

"As a speaker, Kevin Buck has the uncanny ability to take complex ideas and thoughts and make them very practical and immediately applicable. Through powerful content, stories and real world examples, Kevin inspires audiences to go back to their workplace and work better together.”

Patrick Donadio, MBA, Certified Speaking Professional and
Executive Communication Coach

“Kevin is adept at helping people think through the answers for themselves. Kevin’s informal manner is disarming, but he can handle even the most difficult, potentially disruptive individuals in any group. He brings out the best in the people he works with to deliver concrete, measurable, and positive results in any organization.”

Linnea McCord
Associate Professor at Graziadio School of Business and Management
Pepperdine University

“Kevin’s facilitation/leadership coaching/and values based approaches to Team development make him a truly unique and essential resource to any organization. We found him to be so helpful to ‘get to the tough issues’ comfortably and deal with them intelligently.’’

Robert A. Minkin, Former President and CEO
Exempla St. Joseph Hospital

 “Kevin and I co-taught courses together and I had a chance to observe his abilities first hand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to organizations in search of a consultant and presenter who delivers substance along with inspiration.”

Laura Adams, President and CEO
Rhode Island Quality Institute