Strategic Facilitation

We are experts at facilitating strategic planning sessions and large-scale events.

Employing leading edge whole system change processes, we facilitate the emergence of collaborative solutions from within an organization so that those who own the strategic implementation and accountability have co-created the solution. This is done through a process of transparent dialogue and reflective decision-making.

Transparent dialogue invests more time into inquiring and listening, in order to create a shared understanding and clarity of the issues and co-innovative solutions. A reflective process for decision-making allows the group to pause, so that all options can emerge, and be evaluated for their applicability to clearly defined success criteria.

The result is a vibrant strategy from an inclusive and iterative process that generates clarity and facilitates successful implementation throughout the organization.

Sample Collaborations:

Kaiser Permanente B3 Summit (March 2015, Newport Beach, CA). Co-developed and facilitated national inter-professional summit designed to break the silos, bridge the gaps, and build the future for health care teams and academic partners.

Kaiser Permanente National Nursing Strategy 2015-2020 (August 2014, Lafayette, CA). Co-developed and facilitated a two-day deep dive strategic planning process for the National Leadership Team and stakeholders using Liberating Structures.

Transitions of Care (October, 2013, St. Vincent Healthcare Billings). Co-created an integrated, patient-centered cardiovascular team that achieves high-functioning metrics.

Bank of the West Human Resources (HR) Management Team Retreat. (May 2013) Used Liberating Structures to facilitate the integration and collaboration of National HR Management team structure and processes to create the optimal customer experience throughout the organization.

Transition Laguna Beach: Great Unleashing (June 2010). Facilitated community-wide meetings in Laguna Beach for people working together to save energy, share resources and increase local sustainability. Based the meetings on the Open Space Technology (OST) method, developed by Harrison Owen, to enable self-organized groups of all sizes to deal with complex issues in a short period of time.