Leadership Education

Participants learn to be reflective, collaborative and transformative leaders.

We offer a comprehensive leadership program, Executive Leadership Foundations, as well as individual training sessions on core competencies of leadership, facilitation and group process. All courses are customized to the specific needs of the organization and provide access to the most innovative and efficient processes within the leadership space. On a practical level, workbooks and processes used within our training programs are made readily available to executives.

Within the training industry, there is data driven evidence that coaching is a strategic and high value addition to any training. In case studies where coaching was utilized to support training, productivity rose 88%. This was four times greater than the productivity increase experienced by those who were not coached. We offer team and individual executive coaching to support all training.

Executive Leadership Foundations
The five sessions are done in a cohort grouping where we leverage action learning and a dialogue partner process for enhanced engagement. Some of our clients have seen the value of offering one or more individual sessions as a way to train to a particular foundational leadership skill more globally throughout the organization.

Session 1: Foundations of Leadership
Participants will be able to: define and describe our foundational Reflective. Collaborative. Transformative® System (RCT), recognize and identify personality preferences based on agreed upon assessment(s), distinguish between simple and complex challenges, collectively define what leadership is, and illustrate different leadership frames or mental models that are most applicable in the ever changing business environment.

Session 2: Understanding Emotional Intelligence (E.Q. 2.0)
Participants will be able to: identify for themselves the four skills of EQ, develop a learning plan to practice the four skills and avoid emotional hijacking, and apply EQ in the workplace through the lenses of: self, leader and strategic partner.

Session 3: Difficult Conversations
With the primary resource being the book, Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, participants will be able to: sort out the three distinct conversations of any difficult conversation, discern and organize a learning conversation, demonstrate conflict management skills through real time application, and feel confident and competent to manage conflict successfully going forward.

Session 4: The Power of Teaming
Based on the book Teaming: how Organizations, learn, innovate and compete in the knowledge economy by Amy Edmondson of the Harvard Business School, participants will be able to: identify the personal leadership practices that enable teaming, define and give organizational examples of the essential leadership skills for teaming, and demonstrate understanding of teaming skills through application to current leadership successes and challenges.

Session 5: Coaching – Collaborating for a Change
Participants will be able to: clearly define what coaching is and what it is not, distinguish when coaching is the appropriate leadership skill, demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic coaching skills and processes, create their own coaching skills development program, lead as a coach, and integrate and synthesize their learnings from the entire program.

The Art & Skill of Strategic Facilitation
In this highly interactive seminar, participants will learn and practice the essential elements of the Art & Skill of Strategic Facilitation. As a core competency for any leader, this session provides the fundamental skills and processes to facilitate small group huddles or staff meetings to a whole systems change process like Lean. This in-person seminar is supported with a participant workbook and team coaching for enhanced development.

Liberating Structures
Used by innovative companies around the globe, Liberation Structures (LS) are novel, practical and engaging methods to foster increased productivity, collaboration and creativity in a group of any size. This immersive workshop will give the tools for both small group interactions to system-wide initiatives – meetings, projects, problem solving, change initiatives, product launches, strategy development, and more. For more information on LS, please visit www.liberatingstructures.com.