Leadership Challenges

Collaborative leadership strategies are any organization’s greatest need yet often their least effective organizational capability.

1. Employee engagement and retention
As a multi-generational and global workforce continues to grow and expand, how does your organization continue to engage and retain the best talent? Your employees want to know that they are valued for who they are today and that you will invest in developing them as partners in co-creating an inspiring vision for their professional and the organization’s future. We assist you in doing this by training and coaching your executive management to be collaborative leaders who: inspire, engage, and coach their teams to the highest level of personal and organizational ownership for their careers and organizational results.

2. Co-creating high performing strategic and collaborative teams
Whether working across: generational, global, internal, external or organizational boundaries – working as intact, virtual or situational teams will be a critical challenge to address over the next five years. In the same way that connectivity does not ensure effective communication, being “connected” as a team does not result in playing/working well as one. Emergent Success assists you in moving any designated team from being a group that gathers to becoming a group that knows how to do teaming – where organizational learning and innovation emerge.

3. Innovation
Innovation is at the heart and soul of the continued success of any company – including yours. The title of Marshall Goldsmith’s book – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – is applicable to both individuals and organizations. An investment in co-creating a culture of innovation by developing your leaders and processes is necessary for the long-term success that you desire. A culture of innovation is unleashed through the transformative leadership training and processes that are integrated into the Emergent Success methodology.