Where Curiosity is King


I am currently working with a client where we are focused on co-creating training and development from top to bottom. One of the amazing things about this company is whether the focus is executive development or front line workers, the same is true throughout the organization – curiosity gets you noticed. And that is a good thing.

The leaders in the organization love to see curiosity as a primary attribute of their employees. If an employee is asking questions about understanding their job and how it all works, they love it. One of the executives shared, “When I have an employee asking lots of questions, it can exhaust me. And nothing is more exciting to see because you know they are trying to understand every aspect of the business. These are the people who excite you about where they are headed in our company.”

In many companies, we use the language of being a learning organization. It is a desire more often than it is a reality. We have identified competencies and behaviors that are thought to be essential to the desired outcome of creating a learning culture. We can assess where current employees are at and provide a “gap analysis” as to where they need to be and maybe even how they could get there. I sometimes wonder if we have in my words “complexified” the daylights out of a rather simple solution.

What if we went about learning in a less complex manner? With this client it is as organic and simple as rewarding curiosity. When curiosity is detected, attention is focused on the individual and rewarded with more complex and demanding opportunities. If the person is willing to take on the new challenges and is willing to learn more, then the learning process continues. Curiosity is rewarded with new opportunities that allow for more curiosity.

So, if you desire to create a learning organization/culture where you are at, then you might just ask a simple question – is curiosity king?

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