Executive Presence #2

How do you as an executive come across in an organization? Here’s what is important to keep in mind. Executive presence is everything you say and don’t say, and everything you do and don’t do…

The Other Person Isn’t You

Kevin in this short video explains the phrase, “The most challenging part about being in a relationship is coming to realize that the other person isn’t you.”

Executive Presence

What is Executive Presence and how do you coach for it?  Executive presence is quite simply everything you say or don’t say, everything that you do or don’t do, quite simply people are watching you all the time.  And one… Keep Reading

Have you talked to the person?

My former client’s son was having issues with his high school teacher and he spent some time on the phone with me discussing the issues.  After he was done explaining the situation, I asked him if he had spoken to… Keep Reading

Addition and Subtraction

Let’s go back to the fundamentals.  Addition and subtraction are complimentary functions and they work well with each other.  What I see in most organizations is a lot of addition and very seldom do you see any subtraction.  So we… Keep Reading

Why Engage In Executive Coaching?

I’m often asked the question, “Why would I engage in Executive Coaching?” There’s really a simple answer. It’s the same answer that you would give to anyone who is looking for coaching for what they are doing. Coaching helps you… Keep Reading