Why Executive Coaching?


We are almost half-way through 2018 and if you have been asking yourself questions like:

How valuable is an employee’s performance and potential to your organization?
How do I get help facing a challenge in my company right now?
Perhaps it is time to consider an executive coach for yourself and/or your executive team members. Our team is here to help!

“I chose Kevin Buck as the Executive Coach for myself as a CEO and for my executive team based on his philosophical approach to coaching. Kevin believes in ‘co-creating’ successful behaviors and executive practices to drive both accountability and success. It is without hesitation that I recommend Emergent Success and Kevin Buck for their skills in Executive Coaching and executive team development.”

Michael Hunn, President . HUNN GROUP LLC – Healthcare Advisors . Former CEO/SVP Providence Health System – Southern California


For the Executive:
Learn to lead with inquiry to create a laser-focused and reflective thinking approach that empowers you for collaborative assessment and strategic implementation of team leadership practices.
Co-create the success criteria and measurable outcomes within an agreed upon coaching plan.
Adopt new leadership practices that allow for you to unleash your best self in alignment with your team and company goals.

“Kevin has a great mind. He’s open, thoughtful and strategic. He helped shape our ideas into actionable strategies.”

Greg Tsutaoka, Founder, ipvive, Inc.

For the Team Executive:

An integration of individual and group coaching processes that facilitates an identified group/team to embrace their full potential through both relationships and results.
“Teaming is a verb.” says Amy Edmondson in her latest book Teaming: how organizations, learn, innovate and compete in the knowledge economy. Whether a leader is working with an intact or situational team, learn how to lead and be a team. Working better together!

“Kevin has been a tremendous support for me as I step into my new position as President. His coaching has been instrumental in getting me through the challenges and opportunities, teaching me effective people skills and keeping my focus on Executive Presence and Leadership. With his inspiration and coaching, I believe I am on my way to becoming a more effective leader in our market and in our company.”
Steve Yurosek, President. Sukut Construction Inc.”


Our Approach:
Our coaching process emphasizes the use of our foundational Reflective. Collaborative. Transformative.® System (RCT).

Reflective: What are your desired outcomes as a team? Are team and individual goals aligned? Does the organization support/compensate you for being effective as a team? What are you willing to do differently to co-create a successful team?

Collaborative: Do you know how to navigate both individual and group needs? Do the processes you use facilitate you working as a successful team? Are you deciding about others without their input? Are you silo-busting or silo-building?

Transformative: Have you embraced the idea that you succeed best when your team does? Have you created an environment where it is safe to speak up and learn from each other? How do you learn from and celebrate both failure and success? Are you vulnerable enough to transform yourself and others?

Few things worth pursuing can be achieved without some measure of courage. Open your heart and mind and discover how executive coaching is a journey with a thought partner for the results you have always wanted.