Past Newsletters

Addition & Subtraction

When I was in elementary school, I was told that addition and subtraction were complementary operations in math. Whatever number I add to zero, if I subtract the same number, I return to zero. When the operations are used together,… Keep Reading

Listening for Leading

Can I tell you what I think? We have become more of a telling, and less of a listening culture. If it is: email, texting, posting, sharing, tweeting, speaking or some other way of getting the information OUT, then that… Keep Reading


There is a paradigm shift at play with a dominant cultural story of the hero. Heroes may make great story telling for their individual glory, but in reality, they do the community a disservice. If I am waiting for the… Keep Reading

Why Executive Coaching?

We are almost half-way through 2018 and if you have been asking yourself questions like: How valuable is an employee’s performance and potential to your organization? How do I get help facing a challenge in my company right now? Perhaps… Keep Reading

I Am Inviting You

“I am Inviting You” is a way to shift the paradigm in our lives and make relationships at work, home and in our communities more productive and joyful. Through inviting opportunities to grow and develop, we can rid ourselves of… Keep Reading

Growing Your Garden

Beauty is the fullness of creation at its very best. When we choose to pay attention to the garden of our lives, then we are ready to embrace the beauty that has been waiting to emerge. Growing your garden is… Keep Reading

Why “buy in” does not work.

I do not like the phrase “buy in” as a parent or as a consultant. As a parent of mostly grown children, when there was a rule to be followed, I was never concerned with buy in. Whether it was… Keep Reading

Love your neighbor as yourself

Even though this injunction, love your neighbor as yourself, has been proclaimed and listened to over the centuries, it continues to be an emergent source of practical wisdom. It is not only true as a spiritual saying; it also has… Keep Reading