Leading is a verb. It is how we practice leadership in the moment, in any given moment. And each moment may require us to do the leading differently. However, the constant in all those different moments is us. So, it would be helpful if we were aware of how we lead ourselves, in leading now.

“If you want to go fast…go alone. If you want to go far…go together.” —African Proverb

If you have been reading the previous newsletters, you have noticed that I am sharing more from my own personal experiences. Experience has given me some well-earned lessons over the expanse of my lifetime. One of the most abundant lessons I learned early on was that I did not have to go alone.

After I completed my first eight–day silent retreat at 18, I was invited into spiritual direction. Being young and naïve, I said yes. If I was new to something, like my own spiritual development, it seemed like a reasonable idea to tap the wisdom of another who had more experience. What started as a naïve yes, became a lifetime of learning from different individuals and groups over the course of my journey of living and loving as best as I could. As I continue this practice today with a spiritual director, coach and men’s group, the abundance of love and guidance received from others over the decades goes beyond what words can capture.

So, if you desire to lead others, allow yourself to be lead by others. What might it look like for you to go far, by going together? It may be a spiritual director, a coach, a therapist, a muse, an advisory group, a support group, or a trusted friend, to name a few. I encourage you to lead yourself by allowing others to share your journey. I am grateful for having done so.