Introducing Liberating Structures Cards


An Essential Tool for
Unleashing You and Others

Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz are friends and colleagues who have developed the thirty-three Liberating Structures (LS) available at . These are collaborative methodologies meant to include and unleash everyone. They have been used in almost every context you can imagine and around the world. They continue to gain more and more popularity, because they work.

Liberating Structure Cards

Liberating Structure Cards

Information is available on the LS website about all the methodologies, including the opportunity to buy the book. As an early adopter to LS from working with Keith and Henri over the years, I have continued to use them whenever possible. One of the key issues that LS addresses is the “How” of desiring to be more collaborative. Each of the LS microstructures can be used separately, and if you want to amplify their power you can develop a “string” of them.  However, this was difficult to do at times, if you were not intimately familiar with all thirty-three microstructures. There had to be a more helpful solution!

Over a year ago, I was in Seattle and had an opportunity to meet with Keith. He shared with me a deck of LS cards that had been developed by Holisticon in Germany.  I loved them! And then he shared that they were not available in the US. I asked Keith if I could have permission to develop them for the U.S. so that they could be helpful to others. He said yes.

With credit to Holisticon and to Keith and Henri, we are happy to announce that LS cards are now available from Emergent Success – We had them redesigned and I reworded them for ease of use. We also found a solution to truly make them a deck of cards, with an accompanying box that makes them convenient to use and store. Now, they are available to all!

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