Happy New Now


This moment – NOW – is the only time we know that we have. Time as we experience it, is a social construct, a dominant story of answering the “when” question. When did that happen? When will that occur? For most of us, we bookend our lives with the when of the past or the when of the future. We have a tendency of living our stories from the past or future, not so much from the now.

Happy New Now! This is an invitation to intentionally be present/a presence in this moment, with no regard for the past and future. It is being in the now, no matter how you measure it. Let me give an example. This past summer, my daughter Sarah was out with my three-year-old grandson, Kaysen, from Missouri. She wanted to go down to the beach and let Kaysen experience the Pacific Ocean for the first time. I was happy to play along.

It was a process of letting Kaysen be in the now of experiencing the vast ocean that seemed to go on forever. First, we stood twenty feet from the water and just watched the waves roll in and out. He would run up to the water and then quickly run away. Eventually, we were able to progress to me holding him in my arms, and he clinging to me for dear life, just standing in the shore break. We would venture further out, little by little. His feet tickled by breaking waves, his fear started to subside. We walked back to the wet sand and I put him down, so we could just stand together as our feet disappeared under the water and sank into the sand. The journey continued until he was able to play on his own in the great Pacific, with me nearby. What a joy!

When Sarah told me that the now of that moment was close to an hour, I was incredulous. It felt timeless. When we are present in the now, we experience it with such abandonment, that the measurement of the now is irrelevant. Being intentionally present/a presence with others, allows us to experience time so differently.  Happy New Now!