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Buck Named Psychology Advisor for ipvive

Laguna Hills, CA – (March, 2013). Kevin Buck. Principal of Emergent Success, has joined ipvive Inc. as a Psychology Advisor, providing subject matter expertise for the creation of a digital emotional platform utilizing an innovative psychological approach, from a complex systems to interpersonal perspectives.

Twosomes: Playing Better – Together

This blog is a text of the Tedx OrangeCoast talk given on December 01, 2012 for the Women’s Conference with the theme of The Space Between.

Buck Presents at TEDx

Laguna Hills, CA – (January 9, 2013) – Kevin Buck, Principal of Emergent Success, was a featured presenter at the 2012 TEDxOrangeCoastWomen conference on December 1st. The theme of this year’s event was The Space Between.

Spinning Leaders

They needed to spin as a team if they wanted to perform better. Together – they would connect the spokes to the rim. This simple model became a visual check as to whether they were being collaborative and working as a team.

Listening for Leading

Can I tell you what I think? We have become more of a telling, and less of a listening culture. If it is: email, texting, posting, sharing, tweeting, speaking or some other way of getting the information OUT, then that seems to be our dominant communication direction. Listening means that I choose to take information IN.

What Has You Biting?

You are having a conversation and someone says something that presses your button(s). The bait and hook are dangling in front of you. If you react, you may end up talking your way out of the water and straight into their net. It is a choice.

Change: The Body/Mind Connection

Whether you are a practitioner of meditation, self-hypnosis, contemplation, mindfulness or self –awareness, you have learned that the starting point is with the body.

The New Strategic Lens

I am often asked what I think is the most important skill or competency that leaders need to develop. The easy answer is that they need to develop themselves from the inside out so that they can be more authentic and collaborative in this emerging and connected global economy.

Why “Buy In” Does Not Work

Buy in does not work because it is compliance dressed up as an invitation. When we invite someone to do something, we are saying that either a yes or a no response is equally acceptable. When only a yes response is acceptable it is no longer an invitation.

Can We Talk?

One never knows where the lesson around collaboration may come from. Since our mobile devices need the ability to talk with each other, it would be helpful if we facilitated “their” need to communicate with each other, by having the humans talk with each other.