Wisdom Made Simple

Glasses with Question Mark Lenses

The first time I experienced a deep loss, that left me feeling like I was wearing glasses with question mark lenses, was back in 1995. Now that we are over a month into social distancing and stay at home orders,… Keep Reading

A Pause for EQ

As I was considering a topic for this newsletter, I came back to a poem by Noel Davis called a pause. In it he shares that a pause is “a break away from push and shove, a moment at home… Keep Reading

Co-creating Our Shared Emotional Environment

During this pandemic, I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation, by Lisa Feldman Barrett, where she stated, “We co-construct each other’s emotions.” Her point was that we can use our words with one another in either a positive… Keep Reading

Love creates vulnerability for grief

The tragic death of Kobe and eight others from Orange County, has transformed this international story into a local one for us in the OC. I have yet to speak with anyone locally, who did not have a story about… Keep Reading

How does 2020 look for you?

“We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass Sometimes you read something, and it can really work you for quite a bit. This has been true for me in reading the quote attributed to Ram Dass, who just… Keep Reading

Do you have a listening hospitality?

There is an inherent interconnectedness that exists within the context of all human relationships. Whether we feel as if we are affirming an existing connection, and/or seeming to co-create a connection for the first time, it can be the source… Keep Reading

Casa Teresa Update

Kevin Buck has transitioned off the Board for Casa Teresa http://www.casateresa.org as the chair of Strategic Planning, to now continue his work as a member of Advisory Board.  

Anonymous Mentors -October 2019

Anonymous Mentors I would imagine that at one time or another we have all had “anonymous mentors” who have influenced/ helped us along our way. Some folks are more memorable than others. Let me share one of mine as an… Keep Reading