New Offering from Emergent Success!


Leading Now into Not Yet

Leading Now!

Leading is a verb. It is how we practice leadership in the moment, in any given moment. And each moment may require us to do the leading differently. However, the constant in all those different moments is us. So, it would be helpful if we were aware of how we lead ourselves, in leading now. Leading is also a co-creative practice, where we collaboratively invite others to go with us so that we might get to our future – together. Our vulnerability and practice of transformation sets the tone for leading ourselves, others, and our organizations to the aspirational future we desire.

In this day long training we will explore what it means to lead self and others from the now to a desired future. Through the simple rules of being: Reflective, Collaborative, and Transformative we will experience processes and practices that will enhance your leadership competencies to facilitate the change you desire for yourself, others and your organization. You will also be receiving a complimentary deck of Liberating Structures cards from Emergent Success.

If you have questions or would like further information about this new offering, please contact Audrey Nave at or 949-309-2780 ext. 202.