Design-Build Key Leadership


May 9, 2019 -USC Verdugo Hills Hospital.

Kevin Buck, Founder and President of Emergent Success and Trish Ryan, President of Ryan Consulting Services, were guest speakers at the LA County Programs Council of the Health Care Executives of Southern California (HCE).
Healthcare is struggling to find the key leaders who will strategically and innovatively transition the industry to an integrated, competitive model in a VUCA world.

This session offered a disruptive way of strategizing to discover and develop the forward-thinking leadership needed to successfully navigate this emerging landscape. The fundamental architecture of healthcare is changing, and the critical need to optimize the talent of teams through recruitment and/or retention is paramount in an era of greater complexity. The presenters engaged the group in the co-creative processes of Liberating Structures and each participant was given a complementary deck of Liberating Structures cards.

Some of the participants were gracious enough to share their experience of this workshop and we wanted to share a few of them with you:

“Great networking and information exchange platform, in addition to learning opportunity.”
“Thought provoking. Caused me to reset on some thoughts.”
“Excellent leadership skills presented”
“Amazing speakers. Great energy.”
“Well worth my time! Thank you!”